English – WhiteLight Self Empowerment

daniHi, I am Daniela, the Founder of the WhiteLight Self Empowerment System:

When I do distance healing it is on an individual basis so I use different techniques for each individual, but always in connection with the highest source.

Regardless of what method, system or energy I use, I connect to the highest source of Being, White Light.

The WhiteLight Self-Empowerment system uses the symbol of a white, crystal-clear, radiant energy orb. And it is perfect for distance healing, spiritual healing, and it is similar to a reiki attunement but has a higher vibrational frequency.

More about this System:

WhiteLight Self-Empowerment helps to open chakras, helps to clear, to enlarge, to cure, to energize, and connect the chakras. It clears our physical body right down to every cell, and it clears our entire ethereal body too.

When you work with it, your vibration increases so that you can come into contact with your higher-self, your spiritual guides, and other higher information sources. My experience is that when you work with this system you will become very clear in your thoughts and feelings, and your intuition is sharpened, which is good for distance healing, and spiritual healing.

WhiteLight Self-Empowerment can be directly learned in a seminar without being attuned in another healing system.

For distance attunments, however, is urgently recommend that the student has learned at least the 1st degree in another Reiki system.

One receives as much clarification and energy during the attunement as is needed for the individual at the moment. The more you work with it the stronger the energy will become.

This System is easy to learn! WhiteLight Self-Empowerment splits up in four degrees:

1st The Clearing
2nd The Healing
3rd The Expansion
4th Master/Teacher

Yes, it is perfect for distance healing, and spiritual healing.

To learn more please go to my e-learning website: GateLightELearning.com